Publications & Manuscripts

OMEGAS research is published in peer-review journals and presented at conferences (abstracts and posters, here).




  • 2013.  Evans et al.  A role for transcriptomics in the emerging story of ocean acidification in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. Biogeosciences (submitted March 2013)
  • 2013.  Hofmann et al.  Exploring local adaptation and the ocean acidification seascape: studies in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem. Biogeosciences (in preparation – submission March 2013, invited article for volume associated with the Oceans in a High CO2 World Meeting, Monterey CA, September 2012)
  • 2013.  Kelly, M.W., J.L. Padilla-Gamiño, and G.E. Hofmann.  Natural variation, and the capacity to adapt to ocean acidification in the keystone sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Global Change Biology (in press)
  • 2013.  Padilla-Gamiño, J.L., M.W. Kelly, T.G. Evans and G.E. Hofmann.  Temperature and CO2 additively regulate physiology, morphology and genomics responses of larval sea urchins, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B (in press).
  • 2013. Pespeni, M. E. Sanford, B. Gaylord, T. M. Hill, J. D. Hosfelt, H. Jaris, M. LaVigne, E. Lenz, A. D. Russell, M. K. Young, S. R. Palumbi. Evolutionary change during experimental ocean acidification.  Published online before print April 8, 2013,



  • 2012.  Evans, T.G and G.E. Hofmann. Defining the limits of physiological plasticity in marine organisms: how gene-expression profiling can aid in predicting the consequences of ocean change. Phil. Trans. of Royal Society B  367:1733-1745.
  • 2012. Evans, T.G., F. Chan, B.A. Menge and G.E. Hofmann. Transcriptomic responses to ocean acidification in larval sea urchins from a naturally low pH environment. Molecular Ecology 
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  • 2012.  Matson, P.G., P.C. Yu, M.A. Sewell and G.E. Hofmann.  Development under elevated pCO2 conditions does not affect lipid utilization and protein content in early life stages of the purple sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Biological Bulletin 223: 312-327.
  • 2012.  Evans, T. G., F. Chan, B. A. Menge, and G. E. Hofmann. Transcriptomic responses to ocean acidification in larval sea urchins from a naturally low pH environment. Molecular Ecology (submitted).
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  • 2012.  LaVigne, M., T.M. Hill, E. Sanford, B. Gaylord, A.D. Russell, E.A. Lenz, M.K. Young, J.D. Hosfelt.  Trace elemental composition and effects of increased pCO2 on purple sea urchin calcite (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus). Manuscript in preparation for Biogeosciences, near submission.



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