Coordination Resources for OMEGAS

This public page is intended for OMEGAS scientists.  These essential coordination resources are used by OMEGAS scientists to facilitate communications across the many disciplines and institutions.   To suggest and contribute information, contact Dr. Kristen Milligan,  Kristen.Milligan -at- or 541-737-8862.

Preliminary In-season Data (as made available by our research teams)
E-mail lists
  • OMEGAS-central ~at~  [Central California]
  • OMEGAS-All ~at~  [all OMEGAS]


Annual Meetings
  • 2012 Annual Meeting: Wednesday November 28 and Thursday November 29. Thanks to Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) for hosting. Logistics and agenda information will be distributed through the e-mail lists.
  • 2011 Annual Meeting.  December 6-8, 2011.  Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove, CA.
Upcoming Conferences and Symposia
  • Send 2013-2014 announcements to Kristen Milligan
Past Conferences and Symposia
In the News
Organizational Information
  • Organizational chart
  • Logo
Data management references
  • Secure file share.  Contact Mike Frenock or Kristen Milligan for usage information.
Media collections
Program Updates